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QR Workshop – A portable QR code reader and generator

QR Workshop

QR Workshop is a free, open source and portable application that allows you to generate QR codes of your choice.

As you can see below the interface is minimal and very simple to use. In order to generate a QR code you simply need to specify the dimensions (width and height) of the image you would like to create and enter the text that will be encoded in the QR code image itself. Then simply press generate and save the image.

QR Workshop Generate

The result image:
QR Workshop result

QR Workshop can also be used as a QR code reader which allows you to decode and display the information that is encoded within a QR code image. In order to do that you have to switch to the QR Code Reader tab, drag&drop the QR code image in the text field or simply click the browse button next to it in order to open the file browser which you can use to select one. Finally after you have selected the image of your liking click Decode.

QR Workshop Reader

QR Workshop requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and Windows XP or higher in order to run properly.


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6 Responses to QR Workshop – A portable QR code reader and generator

  1. Max Hyre says:

    Does the `Decode’ button mean the scanner takes no action beyond showing me the text from the QR? If so, I want this, to protect me fron malicious codes.

  2. Critic says:

    J4YI: VirusTotal flags the binary “QR Workshop.exe” as malicious 6 out of 69:

    SecureAge APEX
    CrowdStrike Falcon
    Win/malicious_confidence_60% (W)


    Sophos ML
    Generic ML PUA (PUA)

    • CooLMinE says:

      Hello Critic,

      This is a false positive from what I would assume, the use of an old version of DevExpress.

      Since the project is open source [] you are free to download and compile the code on your own.

  3. Alison Roe says:

    Very nice! I usually use this: to generate QR Codes, but this can come in handy to have a QR Code Reader! Thanks for sharing!

  4. QR Code says:

    I was using another QR Code scanner,
    Somehow it’s not working fast enough for me, so maybe it’s time for a new adventure!

  5. cathyhill345 says:


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