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Visual Studio 2013 update 1 is now available

A new update for Visual Studio 2013 has been released. The update includes the latest updates, including feature additions and bug fixes.

For more detailed information about what was fixed visit

Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 can be applied to the following products:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2013
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop
  • Release Management Client for Visual Studio 2013
  • Release Management for Visual Studio 2013
  • Release Management Server for Team Foundation Server 2013

Download links removed. Read below.

Visual Studio 2013 update 2 is now the newest update. Visit Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 is now available for more information.

Download FxCop 10

FxCop is a tool that performs static code analysis of .NET code. It provides hundreds of rules that perform various types of analysis to ensure that your code follows Microsoft’s .NET Framework Design Guidelines.

Sadly the latest versions of FxCop are bundled within Microsoft Windows SDK. Since Microsoft doesn’t allow for their software to be distributed I cannot provide you with a standalone installer of FxCop myself, but at least I can take you through the steps to create one yourself.

For the next steps you will require a program that can open and extract files from both .cab files as well as .iso files. For this example I will be using WinRAR.

First you will need to download Microsoft’s Windows SDK which FxCop is bundled into. Choose a link below based on the CPU architecture you want.

Internet Explorer 11 is now available for Windows 7

Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 is now available for download.

This is the final release and comes with a lot of improvements as far as performance, security, privacy, and reliability goes. For more detailed information visit MSDN’s IEBlog.

Download Links (english version)

If you are interested in other languages you can visit Microsoft’s download section for Internet Explorer 11.

Visual Studio 2013 is now available

The new version of Visual Studio is now available. Visual Studio 2013 comes with numerous of new features as well as a new version of the .NET Framework (.NET Framework 4.5.1).

The new .NET Framework includes automatic binding redirection for assemblies which allows developers to add binding redirects to the app configuration file if the application or its components reference multiple versions of the same assembly. For more information visit How to: Enable and Disable Automatic Binding Redirection.

You can find more information as to what’s new in the new Visual Studio 2013 at What’s New in Visual Studio 2013.

You can find the download link to both the online and offline installers below.


Windows 8.1 is now available

As scheduled Windows 8.1 is now available to download for free for all Windows 8 users. The upgrade is available through the store app on Windows 8 or by navigating to

Windows 8.1 comes with new features as well as improvements to the old ones. For more information as to what Windows 8.1 has to offer visit What’s New in Windows 8.1.