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PhpStorm 9 has been released


PhpStorm 9, the new major release of JetBrain’s professional PHP IDE, is now available for download!

PhpStorm 9 is a cross-platform IDE for PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Sass, Less, CoffeeScript, and many other languages. Recent release of PhpStorm 9 brings us improvements and bug fixes. We shall look closely on them below.

PHP language and editing experience

  • Advanced code understanding – including:
    • Advanced PHP type inference
    • Parameter refactoring
    • Numerous new inspections and intentions
    • Support for persistent language injections
  • Postfix code completion – helps to reduce backward caret jumps
  • Partial PHP 7 support
  • Other PHP related enhancements – including:
    • Color settings for brackets, braces and parentheses
    • Ability to use PHP surrounds for HTML in PHP files
    • Improved structure view for PHP
    • Formatting, constructor and PHPDoc improvements
    • Support for fluent setters creation
    • Separate PHP constructor editable template

New debugging experience

  • Inline debugger for PHP – all live debugging data are now shown directly in the editor
  • Debugging workflow – new features include:
    • Import from Deployment action
    • Enhanced debugger config validation
    • PJP servers config shared on project level
    • php.ini can be opened from settings

Remote development

  • Remote edit – individual files can be opened directly from the remote host without adding / downloading them to the local project
  • Remote tools via remote PHP interpreters – allows you to run your application and tools on a production-like environment

Frameworks, tools and more

  • Solarized editor scheme is bundled
  • Support for Xdebug 2.3+ profiler
  • Improved support for Blade templating engine
  • Support for the latest Behat
  • Enhanced Twig templating engine
  • Additional options for PHP Code Sniffer

Top-notch Web technologies

  • Improved JavaScript support – the core of JavaScript support is reworked, improving the indexing of files and response time of features
  • Application dependency diagrams – application structure can be visualized and explored with psy-js
  • Tracing languages transpiled to JavaScript – spy-js adds support for source maps to trace TypeScript, CoffeeScript or ECMAScript 6 code transpiled to JavaScript
  • V8 profiling for Node.js apps – allows capturing and analysing JavaScript engine CPU profiles and heap snapshots for Node.js applications
  • Simultaneous tag editing – while editing an opening HTML or XML tag, PhpStorm takes care of the closing one

IDE improvements

  • Distraction free mode – minimalistic UI option
  • Diff viewer – new option called Oneside viewer, which shows the difference between revisions on one page.When switching between files, the Diff viewer remembers the caret position
  • Version control – new features include:
    • Faster loading of the log viewer, and a new Reset Current Branch to Here action
    • Filter by repositories in log viewer
    • Highlighting for commits by the current user
    • Remotes can be defined right in the Push dialog
    • Mercurial: Graft action in the log viewer, ability to close branches in the Branches popup
  • Database tools


  • HiDPI support for Windows and Linux
  • The Welcome screen and New Project wizard are now clearer and more friendly
  • Scratch files can now be accessed and managed via the new Scratches tab
  • Add multiple selections with the mouse
  • Updated look-and-feel of Editor tabs
  • Per-project file templates

If you wish to try out the new version of PhpStorm 9, you can download a 30-day trial period from JetBrain’s download page.

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