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Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages 2014

With the end of 2014 approaching I was wondering what were the most popular programming languages of 2014 I decided to see if I can, somehow, get a satisfactory answer for my question.

Needless to say the chart below is nowhere near 100% accurate as there are a lot of variations for each tag. Moreover, it contains languages that might not be considered as programming languages, such as HTML, JavaScript etc and I have not added their frameworks in their count (example: JavaScript and JQuery). As you can imagine the data can be interpreted differently depending on how you want to parse the row data.

For my findings I used Stack Overflow’s database to query the posts that were created in 2014, then split and sorted the tags based on how many times they appeared in the posts. After parsing and processing 9307 unique tags with a total of 2591986 occurrences, these are the results.

Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages 2014

Raw Data

Tag NameTag Count

Move JavaScript files to footer in WordPress

Loading excessive JavaScript files in the header will usually slow down your website. This happens because while JavaScript files are loading the browser stops all the other operations till those files have been processed.

An easily solution to remedy that is to move all the .js files in the footer so they will start to load after all the graphical elements of the website have been loaded. In order to do this, open your theme’s functions.php file an place the following code at the bottom.

Note: Keep in mind that in some cases some plugins might rely on specific JavaScript files to be loaded in the header, so make sure to check that everything is working properly (no errors in the java console) after moving all the files in the footer.